Myomassology Massage

MYO (muscle), MASS (massage), OLOGY (the study of)

Myomassology is an integrated approach to massage which includes some ancient and some modern techniques.  These modalities include a form of Swedish massage, reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy, cranio-sacral therapy, and many more.  Paired with good nutrition and diet as well as an effective exercise regimen, you can maintain a healthy mind, body and lifestyle and obtain a peaceful, fulfilling life.

This form of massage is probably unlike anything you may have tried before and once you do try this treatment – you won’t believe the difference.  This massage is unique as it combines techniques from various disciplines which allows for a full range of treatment.  Our therapy is designed to give you a deep sense of well-being and pain relief.

Depending on you condition, your treatment may touch on all forms of therapy including muscle and bodywork, pain and tension reduction, relaxation, movement therapy, and energy balancing and healing.  At an emotional level, massage provides a caring, non-intrusive touch.

During your treatment session, you will be assessed to determine your specific or any special needs.  Brad has been trained to recognize the uniqueness of each individual essential to effective treatment.  Brad will apply skilled techniques with natural sensitivity to allow him to meet the needs of the individual as a whole.

They Myomassology Massage treatment is beneficial to those who have muscle aches and pains, have been injured, need to relax and reduce stress, or simply want to stay healthy and peaceful.

Regular massage will help relax tight and tense muscles, remove fatigue, calm the nervous system, circulation and lymphatic drainage of waste and improve digestion.  It will also help promote deeper and more natural breathing, induce sleep, aid appetite and lift your spirits!

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